Resistance Band Color Code

Most brands of resistance bands follow a standard color coding so that the buyer will know how “tight” the band is. This represents how difficult it would be to pull on the band while exercising. When first starting out, most exercisers should go with the medium bands and work their way up. The Yellow easy resistance band should be used by young people or the elderly who are starting from a very low strength point.

The Bodylastics brand of resistance bands use the following color codes:
Yellow (5 lbs.)
Green (7 lbs.)
Red (13 lbs.)
Blue (19 lbs.)
Black (23 lbs.)
Orange (30 lbs.)

Resistance bands manufactured by Aylio use this code:
Blue (Ultra Light)
Red (Light)
Yellow (Medium)
Black (Heavy)
Orange (Ultra Heavy)

Resistance bands made by SPRI use this code:
Green (Light)
Red (Medium)
Blue (Heavy)
Purple (Very Heavy)

Remember that resistance bands can be adjusted easily by either using multiple bands or by “choking up” on the band. Choking up means that you hold the band closer to the center rather than grasping them by the handles.