Review – MUSCLE & FITNESS Strength Bands System by Bodylastics

The Muscle & Fitness Strength Bands System by Bodylastics is the ultimate resistance bands set. It has everything you need to do a complete head to toe workout no matter what strength or fitness level you are currently at. If you are looking for something that will give you EVERYTHING you could possibly need to get in shape all in one box, this is it.

What’s in the box:
12 Resistance bands (2 each of ranges from 7 pounds to 30 pounds)
2 Door Anchors
4 Foam Covered Handles
4 Heavy Duty Ankle Straps
User Book
Training DVD
Lifetime Membership to Bodylastics Web Site which includes DAILY workout show
Heavy Duty Carry Bag

The great thing about the MUSCLE & FITNESS Strength Bands System by Bodylastics is that you are basically getting two full sets of resistance bands. If you looking to buy fitness bands for use by you and a partner, then this is the set to get. If your wife or husband goes away on a trip, they can take a full half of the set with them and you will still have a complete set of exercise gear at home with you! There is enough here for 2 people to do P90X at the same time, even if they are at identical fitness levels! Some sets will work with couples as long as one of them is considerably weaker or stronger but this set will work with ANY couple.

Of course these are not cheap bands either, these are continuous dipped bands that are strong and durable and will stand up to just about whatever you can throw at them. The foam covered handles that come on these resistance bands are tough and comfortable. As expected, you can attach multiple bands to the handles allowing you to adjust the tension level to just about anything you could want. If this set isn’t enough for you, then you are obviously an olympic bodybuilder or athlete already!

Resistance bands are light and portable, and this set is no exception. The entire MUSCLE & FITNESS Strength Bands System by Bodylastics can be tucked away in the corner of a closet out of the way and can easily be brought out and used in seconds. You don’t have to drag around some heavy machine or adjust tensioners or weights in between workouts, just grab the bands and go.

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